About Us

We are the Philippine Society of Baking is composed of Baking Professionals from various fields of baking here in the Philippines.

We Educate. Our thrust is to educate and upgrade the knowledge of bakers, be it home bakers or bakery owners or even bakery related companies.

We Help. The Philippine Society of Baking has been teaching baking to the less fortunate thru government organized livelihood training programs, street children and orphanages. This is where our profits go!

The Society’s membership is composed of Bakery Owners, Bakery Technicians, Baking Instructors, Technical Salespersons of Ingredient Companies, and others in the field of baking industry.

Our Mission is to form a society composed of individual members involved in the Baking Industry, who are willing to share their expertise, knowledge, wisdom and time for the total concerns, needs and upliftment of the industry in general and the individual bakers in particular.

Our Vision is to use the Society’s resources for the on-going education and training for both the theoretical and practical formation of each individual members and as such to professionalize the Baking Industry.

Our Objective is for the greater development of the Philippine Baking industry by:

  • Educating the baking industry to a better appreciation of the importance of trained bakery production personnel.
  • Promoting an intelligent understanding on the part of the public of the fact that the production of bakery foods should be in the hands of specialized and highly trained persons.
  • Setting standards of education and training which will bring persons involved in the bakery production, technology, and engineering, the recognition to which they are entitled.
  • Conducting and actively disseminating baking science and technology information.
  • Uniting all members of the baking industry like the allied and the baking institution.
  • Professionalizing members of the association.