Time: 8am to 5pm PSB Mentor Plutarco “Boy” Ng Course Fee: Php5,000 10% discount-Early Bird Rate until June 14, 2018 Course Outline: Day 1 Preparation of Ingredients Experimental steam bun processing (8) Vary Water Temperature, Vary Sugar Level Vary Leavening Agent, Vary in Mixing Time Day 2 Steam Bread Workshop Cuapao China Northern Type Steam buns Double Colored Mantou Silver Roll Kor ...[Read More]


MAY 11-12, 2018 / 8AM-5PM PSB Mentor Jonathan Cabiles Course Fee: Php5,000.00 10% discount-Early Bird Rate until May 4, 2018 COURSE OUTLINE: 1st Day Introduction of Lecturer A. Wheat Introduction • Different kind of Wheat • Different kind of Flour B. Function of Ingredients • Flour • Sugar • Salt • Yeast • Shortening C. Bakers % • Product Costing • Dough System • No Time Dough • Straight Dough • S ...[Read More]


April 19-21, 2018 / 8AM to 5PM PSB Mentor Plutarco “Boy” Ng Course Fee: Php6,000 10% discount-Early Bird Rate until April 12, 2018 COURSE OUTLINE: Day 1 •Introduction to wheat-flour specification for the bakers •Cake Classification/Cake Mixing Methods •Ingredients Functionality in Cake Making •Workshop – Experimental Cake mixing method – Batter type cake Day 2 •Cake Product ...[Read More]

Fundamentals of Bread Making – Bread Science November 6-8, 2017

November 6-8, 2017 | 8AM to 5PM Instructor : Mr. Gerry Samaniego Mendoza Course Fee: Php5,500 10% discount on early bird until October 30, 2017 Course Outline: I. Functions of Ingredients for Yeast Raised Bakery Products II. Bread Production Processing Systems • Dough Mixing • Fermentation • Conventional Make-up • Proof-Bake-Cool & Pack III. Applied Bakery Math (Review) IV. Product Scoring V. ...[Read More]