Loaf Technology

June 27-29, 2019 / 8AM to 5PM
PSB Mentor Ninoh Jallores
Course Fee: Php7,000
Venue: FCBAI Research and Training Institute, 1967 Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila

For reservation, please call or text at 254-2526 / 871-7487; 0920-5241838 / 0995-1436040 or email us at philippinesocietyofbaking2005@gmail.com


 Baker’s Percent and True Percent
 Function of Ingredients
 Bread Production Processing System
a. Sponge and Dough
b. No Time Dough
c. Straight Dough
 Baking Process
a. Scaling
b. Mixing
c. Fermentation
d. Conventional Make-up
e. Proofing
f. Depanning
g. Cooling
h. Packing
 Hands-on Baking Workshop
a. Honey Wheat Bread
b. Creamy Loaf Bread
c. Wheat Raisin Bread
d. Creamy Cheese Bread
e. Chocolate Chips Loaf
f. Ube Bread
g. Raisin Cinnamon Loaf
h. Classic White Bread
i. Raisin Bread
j. Super Soft Loaf
k. Macaroon Loaf
l. Mocha Loaf

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